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What did I learn from Pokemon Go as a product manager

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I remember a time when playing at games was like for geeks. I remember that at school it was not a good thing to play too much. I discovered games an I grew up and it is for me the first source of inspiration. Why? Because one thing that the games industry understand is how stickiness work and how user attention is a rare commodity.

Pokemon 1

This is why I want to share with you what I learn from products even if it games like Pokemon Go.
By the way, when I am writing those lines (which is an update of my first story), I am addicted to it! I will share it another post though :)
You can look at the SlideShare below to read my thoughts on Pokemon Go from a product manager point of view

Link to the presentation on slideshare

I wonder if the people that will be reading that will think the same way as I do and will want to discover it the same way.

If you share a passion for good products if you are product managers or a passion for games. Tell me what you think about it.

Comment, share like it will be awesome.
What did you think about it? Did you tried it, do you think there are some pieces missing?

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